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Community Partnership
Establish a co-ordinated and consistent approach to be inclusive of all the different types of communities and their members.
How do communities become engaged
They need to be able to acquire and share knowledge of their immediate area and to communicate this knowledge to other members and interested parties (Stakeholders). 
This means that community groups being able to communicate their:-
  • Ambitions
  • Decisions
  • Time
  • Resources
  • Plans
  • Actions
Acting Together
The dangers are that citizens that are not closely involved will feel as disconnected from their communities’ efforts as they do today from those of central and local government.
To maintain the connection, commitment and interest of all participants, we have to provide a reference point that helps to define their commitment and interests.
This could be physical boundaries such as the:-
  • Neighbourhood (perhaps through Neighbourhood Watch)
  • Council Ward
  •  Village
  • Community Centre
  • Sports Club
  • Church Group
  • Social Club
People and Families can belong to more than one demographic group:-
  •  Young People (various groups)
  •  Workers
  •  Retired
  • Parents
  • Carers
These groups cross interests into Community Groups possibly based in community centres where mixtures of groups have a physical location.
Repeated efforts to connect and engage with community groups fail to provide a long term opportunity for contact engagement and dialogue. This is often because after an initial start-up the time costs overwhelm the group organisers, they do not have the tools to make their jobs easier and consequently their considerable efforts frustrated by poor communications.
It is true that communities may wish to participate with or contact the larger community at different levels, a tool should be capable maintaining easy communication at these multiple levels.
We consistently find that community groups fail to find the time or the individuals to participate in engagement activities outside of their own immediate interests. There can be a number of reasons for this the main one being time!
The ideal tool should address those management issues that are mundane and take the most time such as:-
  •  Membership
    • List Maintenance
    • Subscriptions Monitoring & Collection
  •  Membership Communication
    •  Email
    • Website
    • Mail & Phone
  •  Events
    • Event Diary
    • Event Reminders
    • Event Payment
  •  External Communications
    •  Political
    • Local Officials
    • Supporters but not members
    • Stakeholders
    • Press
Agoria provides you with all of these to find out more phone or e-mail Roger Panton on 0333 2070704 or