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Connecting Communities


"group of community leadersAlmost every aspect of life that citizens care about is affected by patterns, nature and distribution of social ties between people." Dr Perri 6

All of our networks matter in one form or another. It’s helping this network to work well that is the key to the networking 

We can now use tools that make the network flourish and become more manageable and dynamic.

As our social networks develop and we become more connected and co-operative we are able to do more.

For example in a well connected, vibrant network we will have more visibility of resources and consequently better access to them.

To make the network perform as well and efficiently as possible, a reward structure has been introduced with Agoria. This fosters the reciprocal nature of co-operative networks increasing the levels of reciprocity.

This is made possible by changing the nature of the relationship between the individual and their network to one where the reward can be transferred to anyone in their network.

The community network is run by its members for their benefit and individual groups can be linked to share their resources and knowledge.