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Managing Events

A powerful aspect of Agoria is that it will help you organise and list your events and activities. Individual members can take responsibility for events and publicising them.Events organiser with clip board

Using Agoria allows you to:

  • Book / Register online
  • Maintain a Calendar
  • Publicise  and share your events and activities with other groups
  • Keep track of bookings for each event
  • Share event information with other websites
  • Add  postcode map links
  • Include agendas and minutes
  • Add match reports
  • List attendees 

Promoting events is always productive and by entering them in Agoria you make them visible to search engines. Events can be e-mailed to the membership. Individuals can also e-mail events they are interested in to their friends.  Giving your members an opportunity to invite a friend to join them allows potential for new members. 

For example, in dance groups, they e-mail reminders to their membership when the event is on in the evening. This has the effect of increasing participation in the event by 10% - at no cost to them.

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