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Volunteers offer their time, not expecting any payment. But should benefit in other ways in return for their contribution to your wider social objectives. Giving  time and skills must be recognised as establishing a reciprocal relationship in which the volunteer also gains. Benefits that volunteers expect  include a sense of worthwhile achievement, useful skills, experience and contacts, sociability and fun, and inclusion in the life of the organisation and the wider community.


The value of a volunteer’s contribution to the organisation, to the community, to the social economy and to wider social objectives, is fundamental to the relationship between the volunteers and their group.

Practical Examples

We all know that some group members have more time to spare than others, this can be for a number of reasons, retired, period of unemployment, part-time occupation or it is part of their job. We have to be conscious that these volunteers don’t become overwhelmed with the commitment or the hours of time that they give (most will have other demands on their time)

We also know that within some groups there are others that are the reverse they have full time demanding occupations and little time to volunteer, in sports clubs this is more common than elsewhere.

Sports clubs are frequently managed by a combination of parents of the youngsters or by the older members who know the club well and now form part of the administration team, collecting membership fees, organising events, running the bar and general maintenance.

It’s often difficult to motivate members to perform some functions where the main beneficiaries are not making much of a contribution themselves. This is where social groups can breakdown, we have a strong sense of value if this is abused individuals will be reluctant to offer their services, Agoria can help here with the trading system reciprocity can be managed in a number of ways.

Rewards for hours work can be returned as discounts on events, coupons over the bar or meals in the clubhouse. Or even exchanged between members for kit, lifts to events or coaching, these arrangements are totally dependent on the group.