Agoria Agorai


Actually we spelt it incorrectly it is spelt Agorai but we asked around did a survey of experienced users and came up with a spelling the majority used when we asked them to spell Agoria.

Agoria was developed to provide membership community organisations with a system that will help them to attract and retain their membership.

As you would expect people join Cricket Clubs to play Cricket, the same with Rugby, Football, and Tennis. Simiarly for those who are less energetic for Bridge, Whist and Chess.

All the groups require the time and energy of their volunteers to run them, Agoria, as well as providing all of the tools needed to run a membership list. Gives you a unique way of providing motivation for those members who do most of the jobs that help your community to run and for those other members that don't step forward a reward that will encourage them to do so.

Agoria has a built in Trading component it gives organisers the ability to offer members Points, Discounts and Trades for helping to run the communtiy group, members trade in Kit, Time, Transport, and Goods.

Those things that make it less hardwork and attact more active voluneer help.

How it Works

When you use Agoria all of your membership can participate in the a system that gives your organisation the opportunity to reward your volunteers in a positive way, most membership organisations depend on the Membership Fee to pay for their physical asset maintenance or rental or both, they will sometimes have expenditure in insurance, professional fees and advice. However, a great deal of work is carried out by a much smaller number of dedicated volunteer helpers.

Depending upon the nature of your organisation you can reward these helpers by giving them points, these points may be awarded by the group for any number of reasons, for example helping to organise an event, or helping to paint the club house. All of these can be rewarded based on the number of hours worked. Once you have awarded points then your members need to have something to cash them in against.

Again this could be other events, such as a discount off the Christmas Party, discount on the coaching fees, or free transport to another event anything the club organises can be part of these trades.

As well as trades between the club and it's members, members could trade between themselves, this is ideal to exchange unwanted Kit or Equipment, helping other members out because one has a particular skill which would help another.

Sharing a facility or getting together to hire a piece of equiment over a longer period to attract a discount, this sharing or resources helps one another and builds stronger relationships within a club or organisations. We all know those members who for one reason or another never seem to completely participate, perhaps they don't have the time, a bit shy, never been asked, live a bit to far away, worse of all don't feel welcome. Trading does not solve all problems but you can improve the overall relationships with your members, you increase retention, have more activities and the financial health of your organisation improves.


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