Market Place

Market Stall fruit and vegAgoria is a powerful Community Web Tool,  it is used to manage your list of members, your events, your mailing lists for these events and to collect your fees, in addition to all of these features you can run your community trading system where your  membership can match their   “Wants” and Offers”.

Once a “Want” is listed, it is displayed to the members. This allows other members to make an “Offer” to satisfy the “Want”.

In some cases the “Want”
may need to be mediated by a local
Time-Broker who can identify “Wants” and arrange with others to provide the appropriate solution.
Each individual has the ability to list their “Wants” and “Offers” and respond to the “Offers” and “Wants” posted by others.  Where the individual does not have either the required skills or access to the internet, their needs can be handled by the Time-Broker.
All details of the trades are recorded on the system by the Time-Broker or the recipient. Once a task is completed, the receiver indicates the completion of the exchange and the time is credited to the goods or service giver.

The market works on a combination of different credit mechanisms which can be defined by the group. The credits used to value an exchange can include "Time", a "local currency" and "Cash". The system provides recording of the credit units used in a transaction (except the cash element) when transactions are entered. These markets are frequently called Local Exchange Trading Systems or LETS

Depending on the type of services the group provides, the list of services can be defined in any way the organisers prefer.  However, this is not set in concrete. If another service title seems better, you can change the title of the service in the system at any time.

. Gardening

Fixing a door

Playing cards

Giving a lift

Organising the BBQ

Painting the Sights Screens

On the Committee



Local Currencies encourage and support local skills and initiavtive, strengthening the web of local contact and reciprocal dependency. Local effort is captured and recirculated locally, it doesn't disipate through the chain of comand upwards, sideways and returned diluted though waste and bureaucracy.

Our concept of Networked Communites is not a large monolithic organisation but rather a larger number of local groups interconnected though a common objective backed up with a supporting administrative framework.
Agoria provides this framework, each group is linked in a cluster to each other, individuals can support each other and each group can support other groups, the
Networked Neighbourhood
is CONNECTED in more ways than one.

Running in parrallel to Connected Community is the Time Bank this gives community members a structure where they can trade their spare time with others for their spare time, a single group can trade with it's own members groups can trade with each other or link their members with the members in other groups.

Through this management though trusted Time Brokers (a person in each group) more complicate trades and take place with multiple shared activities and interests.

For example a town wide event may involve any number of groups with multiple tasks performed by all manner of members contributing their time and effort.


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