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Activity Forum Membership Management

Many different types make up a community GroupActivityForum is a well established web-based  application designed for running your Community or Society. ActivityForum helps you to keep an accurate register of your members, their subscriptions and their involvement as supporters, donors and volunteers

The same system enables you to communicate with your community, allowing you to organise and publicise your activities and events quickly and effectively.
How will I be able to use ActivityForum?
ActivityForum has been specifically designed for easy deployment in Groups, Clubs, Associations and Societies regardless of their size. All of these can be organised into a network of related interests.

 All you need is access to the Internet!

 Main features :

  • Reduces your communications costs
  • Helps you manage more members and more events
  • Helps you achieve economies of scale by using consolidated services
  • Local events and news can be targeted
  • With more information about you available, you will attract new members,
 Main Benefits
  •   Brings people together
  •  Creates a strong, cohesive network within a community of interests
  •  Sustainable and transparent
  •  Long term benefits of good communication
  • Keeps up-to-date contact details of your members, sponsors, donors, and customers
  • Controls subscriptions, renewals and donations easily
  • Gives you complete control of who can access member details with different security levels
  • Easy-to-use membership function handles your e-mail and post
  • Enables members to communicate with each other
  • Generates text output for use in hardcopy events, lists and membership cards


  • Members can organise events, e-mail the details to members and post them directly.
  • A calendar list of events is readily available for members.
  • Events can be published to other societies.
  • Members can book events on line as well as check events that they have already booked.
·       Event organisers can call up a report of which events members have attended.
  •  Bulk E-mail to all members, volunteers and customers
  •  Reminder e-mail and post labels
  •  E-mail and Post by member type
  •  E-mail and Post for Events
  •  E-mail event participants
  •  E-mail History
Systems Management
  •  No special software required
  • Security of data via automated backups
  • No portability problems between members
  •  Collective development
  •  Common services
Promotion and Information
  •  Web pages visible to the public containing contact details and news
  •  Web pages for details of past and future events
  • Online registration of interests
  • Online registration and booking of events.
  • Membership registration
  • Supporter Clubs
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Charities Giftaid
  • Local Associations’ memberships
  • Community Groups